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The time has come! Symphonix present their debut album Music Prostitute.

Containing 9 previously unreleased tracks, build up on clear sounds and sequences, harmonic melodies and infective grooves, this album will strike new pathes in progressive trance.

After releasing tracks on various compilations on labels like Plusquam, Midijum, Sinn Tec, Y.S.E., Groove Control, Blue Tunes, Spin Twist and many more, brothers Sirko and Stephan Woetanowski, better known as DJ s Montagu and Golkonda once again show how to merge catchy homelistening vibes and cutting edge dance floor stuff to something special and brilliant.

Each track on its own is unique, but completes a grown-up sounding album rife with symphonic harmony.

Style: Progress Trance

1. Burning Groove

2. Smooth Vibes

3. Ping Pong

4. Rythm in motion

5. You as well

6. Music Prostitute

7. Paradise

8. Funky Hostage

9. Multi Engine

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